September 19, 2019

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Choosing a Juvenile Defense Attorney

Juvenile defense is a highly specialized area of law that deals with a complex set of regulations and court proceedings. A highly skilled juvenile defense attorney can help your family make sense of the system and ensure your child’s best interests are represented.

Whether your child is facing a felony juvenile conviction or the possibility of being tried as an adult, you need experienced legal guidance fast. A criminal defense lawyer who focuses on child representation can answer all of your questions about juvenile defense, thoroughly explain the charges against your child, and provide information on your child’s rights.

If you are in search of a juvenile defense attorney for your child, make sure you choose carefully. Start your search at and call around to see which law firms have the qualifications and personal service you need.

When considering legal professionals to hire for criminal defense, review the following aspects of legal service to help you make a decision.


With your child’s freedom at stake, you want to be sure you choose an attorney with experience who knows the special protocol for juvenile court. An experienced juvenile defense lawyer should be able to offer proven legal strategies that may help your child’s unique situation.

Track Record

How does your lawyer rate in terms of dropped cases and Diversions? Don’t be afraid to ask, since the percentages can reveal a lot about the effectiveness of legal teams. While privacy laws prevent sharing specific case details, some attorneys will be willing to share general statistics about juvenile defense case outcomes with you before you make a decision to hire.

Personal Service

Pay attention to how you are treated from the first phone call. Does the lawyer or legal assistant give you straightforward information and take the time to address your specific questions and concerns? Is the attorney available to speak with you when you need help? Personal service from the start is a good indicator of how your family will be treated throughout the process.

Specialized Knowledge

Ideally, you want a lawyer who has represented many minors and exhibits a wealth of knowledge regarding the state and federal juvenile crime laws that apply to your case. An attorney who spends a great deal of time representing adults may miss valuable defense opportunities that apply only to juvenile cases. Lawyers with this specialization are also extra sensitive to the needs of children facing charges and are aware of the potential impact a conviction could have on their future.

If your child is charged with committing a juvenile crime, talk to a highly experienced child defense attorney right away to learn more about your child’s rights and legal options. Please search our network of juvenile defense lawyers to find a law firm in your area.