September 19, 2019

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Facing peer pressure, school and family demands, hormonal changes, and other stressors on a daily basis can get the best of teenagers. Confused or misguided children may turn to drugs and alcohol, and look to illegal means for a cheap thrill, attention, or respect from peers. Juvenile defense lawyers are out there every day, working to see to it that their clients’ bad decisions don’t end up ruining the rest of their lives.

Young people accused of criminal activity need an experienced, compassionate legal advocate in their corner who can protect their rights and their future. If your child is facing criminal charges, choosing a juvenile defense lawyer to take the lead can be the best decision you make in this situation.

There’s so much at stake when a child is brought up on criminal charges. A conviction of assault, murder, drug distribution, robbery, DUI, or other serious offense can have devastating consequences that may affect a child’s entire life, especially in cases of repeat offenders. If found guilty of juvenile crimes, underage children face a number of restrictive consequences, including the possibility of jail time or a life sentence if tried as an adult. A skilled defense attorney can work to get unjustified charges dropped, request the least restrictive alternative sentencing possible, and prevent a conviction from tarnishing their client’s record.

In some cases, the system may demonstrate unfair bias against the accused child. It is your attorney’s responsibility to ensure your child’s rights are respected throughout the arraignment hearing, court appearance, sentencing, and other facets of the legal process. Your legal team can also advise you on steps you can take to help your case, such as proactive counseling.

Putting your trust in a criminal defense attorney to look after your child’s best interests can be very rewarding. If handled well, a skilled attorney may be able to have your child’s case dismissed or expunged (when a record is permanently sealed). Your legal team will work hard to gather the facts and present the case in a way that commands leniency and compassion from the judge. If your child has been arrested, don’t take chances with their future; hire an attorney right away for immediate advice on your next steps.

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